Condensate Removal Pumps (EC Series _ EC-400)



The EC-400 is a complete pumping system designed to remove condensate from wall mounted, ceiling, and fan coil split air conditioning equipment when gravity drainage is not possible. The EC-400 consists of two components, the pump/control and float-sensor/reservoir. The compact two-piece design allows for easy installation in most systems. Both components can be palced inside the air handler or the pump/control can be placed up to 1.0 m above the air handler in the ceiling void or inside trunking conduit. A three position symmetrical float sensing system assures reliable ON, OFF, and SAFETY ALARM functions, intake tubing, tube clamps, adhesive tape, vent, and a/c drain tubing included.



Applications: Removes condensate from wall mounted, ceiling, and fan coil air conditioning equipment.


  • Fully automatic: start, stop, overflow detection (for alarm or equipment shutdown).
  • Compact two-piece design for quick and flexible installation.
  • Pump is self priming and can be placed inside air handler or located up to 1 m above reservoir.
  • Reservoir connects to 13 – 17 mm condensate drain.
  • Use with air conditioning equipment up to 10 kW (25,000 BTU) (4 kW in tropical areas).
  • Reservoir vent with tube included.
  • Thermally protected motor.
  • Pump outlet designed for 6 mm/1/4″ ID tubing.
  • Pump/control dimensions: 110 mm x 35 mm x 45 mmm.
  • Reservoir dimensions: 80 mm x 37 mm x 35 mm.
  • CE approved.
  • IP 20.
  • Includes: Suction tubing: 1mm x 4mm ID. Vent tubing: 150mm x 4mm ID. A/C drain tubing: 75mm x 13mm ID.